From the recording Hide and Seek (Garage Mix)


Verse 1
I was always good at hiding
I always knew the perfect place
But then I grew up and I
Started taking up more space
I had to make my own rules
And find new ways to play the game

Verse 2
Cut the lights and crouch down
In the corner where I love
There’s no way they’ll find me
The outside light’s just not enough
Everytime someone gets close
I hold my breath until they’re gone

Turn 1
I’m scared someone’s turning on the lights
Then they’ll all know where I like to hide

As a kid I didn’t have much to hide
In body or in mind
But then I grew up and I started to find
Knee pain, hard heart
Day by day so much more to keep quiet

Verse 3
I’m still good at hiding
Tucked away or in plain sight
I mastered blending in
On sunny days or dark, dark nights
I learned new strategies to
Compensate for all the light

Turn 2
They see right through me like I’m a ghost
All they know’s what I want them to know

Chorus x2