From the recording Never (Garage Mix)


Verse 1:
May I never lose the wonder of Your mercy
Struck with awe at the sound of Your Name
How You’re life to the dead and the hurting
You empty the grave, empty the grave

Let me never grow used to Your salvation
To that marvelous work done in me
How You took a lover of darkness and hatred
And You made them clean, You make me clean oh

You alone are the One who is worthy
Of power and honor and wisdom and glory
Never forget oh my soul that great Name
Jesus the Lamb that was slain
Jesus the Lion that rose again

Verse 3:
May I never lack the longing for Your presence
Nor the thirst that I have in my soul
In the times when my sorrow sustains me
Your goodness is all that I know


And You never no never forsake
Though sometimes You let my heart break
But all for the sake of Your grace and Your glory


Jesus the Shepherd who saves
Jesus the King who will come again